Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shameless Self Promotion

Funny, it doesn't seem so shameless now that I have something to promote. Now that "The Spirit" has reached completion and the pre-order files are submitted to Amazon, I can finally, confidently call myself an author without feeling like a fraud. I wrote a book. All 75000 words of it and I'm proud of having completed it. I'm proud of the story I told. That doesn't mean I'm not scared to death now that several ARCs have been sent to bloggers. Real people whose opinions can sway potential readers for or against giving a new author a try. I hope I did well. I hope they like it. And in the meantime, I shall continue working because one thing I have learned in the world of fictional romance, everyone is waiting for their happy ending. I don't want to make Wes and Annie wait too long. Welcome to Wright's Holler.
 **Promo images under cut**