Monday, May 30, 2016

Countdown to Extinction?

I have noticed - more so now that I have completed my first book- that the number of Paranormal Romance authors seems to be declining, as is the number of those who still read the genre. Everywhere I notice readers asking their followers and friends for new book recommendations only to specify "no PNR". It begs the question: is the genre over-saturated with shifters and vampires? Is the subject matter getting too outrageous? Is there no new territory to cover? Is the magic gone?

I choose to believe it's all of the above. Beginning with Twilight (We all read it. Denial only makes it hurt worse)  we were all pulled into fantastic worlds of evil creatures turned good by the power of love. It was magic when we're all consigned to the mundane. It let us dream that there was a werewolf bad boy waiting in the shadows to sweep us off our feet, even when we had kids screaming in the backseat and dinner to get on the stove. For me, at least, it wasn't just the idea of romance in and of itself. Real romance is still out there; I believe that. It's the idea that there are things in the shadows that might see us the way no billionaire playboy with a perfect body ever would.

Those animal eyes might find our smile captivating. Bestial instincts might find our generous curves tantalizing. Primitive senses might make our scent irresistible. They don't see flaws. They see something they want... something they need... and they lack the human ability to restrain themselves from taking it.

Isn't that the essence of romance? Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead? Maybe the genre is dying out, but I can't let it. At least not for me. I need to keep seeing the magic in a world that keeps telling me that it's gone - or that it was never there to begin with. I need to believe that the monsters in the shadows could be the beasts of our dreams. So I'm going to keep writing my shifters and demons, my djinn and my mystical warriors. I'm going to keep creating them and hoping that others are still willing to see the magic. But most importantly I'm going to keep believing.

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