Thursday, February 18, 2016

Author Life Month 1-17: So I'm Fashionably Late

Day 1: My books: Thus far, beyond a tie-in short story, they are all WIP but, my first series is called The Tribe Novels, a paranormal romance series set in the Appalachian mountains and spanning two centuries. (At least)

Day 2: My Author Photo:

Day 3: My Last 5 Star Read: The Becoming Trilogy by Jess Raven and Paula Black:

Day 4: My WIP: Right now it's "The Spirit". Since I have the cover made... (Shhh don't tell anyone.)

Day 5: Comp Covers - I honestly have no idea what this means. Eep!

Day 6: Fan Art/Edit: None yet but, if someone wants to volunteer... :D

Day 7: Writing Music - There's a LOT of Skillet, Red, Hinder.. and a surprising amount of bluegrass and Native American flute/drums.

Day 8: Awesome moment: When someone read my short story and immediately demanded the date for the completed story. Shannon, if you're reading this, you made my day.

Day 9: Challenge overcome: Being afraid that people won't like my writing style. Then someone told me that I am merely a Tolkein writer in a haiku world and that there are still people that want excruciating detail to make their stories real.

Day 10: Non-Author Photo: 

Day 11: A fave review: For "The Blanket" - A battle between two forces, struggle for power over what will and what's meant to be. Moroc won't stop, "Let the game begin". This was, and is going to be an amazing read for people. I found it fascinating. Completely drawn in by the characters, and the bond Moroc felt for the woman. My first legend/mythical read, and I loved it.

Day 12: Killed darlings: I can't tell you. I'll get in trouble. But Cassie (the woman in The Blanket) is unfortunately just the beginning.

Day 13: A Fave book in Genre: See Day 3. :)

Day 14: Fave of my covers: Well.. they aren't out yet but, I may have to go with the cover for The Storm. The Tribe: Book 4

Day 15: Swag: Woohoo! Something I have! (At least a little)

Day 16: Where I write: My new library/office

Day 17: Where I relax: Mostly on the couch adjacent to my desk, in the library.

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