Friday, February 26, 2016

Author Life Month: Days 25 & 26

February 26, 2016 0
Day 25: Pimp a pub-sib.

I honestly have no idea what this even means. Does this mean I need to pimp another author publishing with the same company? That I can do. Therefore, I shall give a ringing endorsement to both Madalyn Beck and K. D. Martin. Talented, creative, innovative and lovely, inside and out.

Day 26: Favorite book outside my genre. Man, this is tough, it really is. Im a huge lover of Stephen King and Anne Rice but, sometimes, a book is written so beautifully, with such a determination to make you think, that it stands out. I actually have two of those, both written by Ms. Rice. Read them. If they don't at least inspire you to wonder about everything, then you can lose yourself in the beauty of her writing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Author Life Month - Day 23 & 24

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Day 23 - Bucket List Item

For someone to ask me to autograph a book I've written.

Maybe not a big deal for some but, it would be huge for me. Not for affirmation or confirmation but, to know someone enjoyed what I wrote that much, to want my name written in it as something they intend to keep.

Day 24 - Bucket List Item Done

Publish something for the public.

Yeah, it was a short story but, for someone who's terrified to let others read her work, it was a huge deal for me. That the few who read it gave it such a warm reception and excellent reviews is an honor I didn't anticipate. And if it's one reader or a hundred thousand, it keeps me writing.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Author Life Month - Days 21 & 22

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Day 21: My muse. I have different ones for different stories but, I can show you the first. The original face of The Holler before it spun into plots for 7 books and 2 short stories and God only knows what else. The face of the twin guardians, Mat (Matchetehew) and Sig (Misignwa), Angel Macho.

Day 22: A dedication page-
Well, my father actually inspired this entire series, telling me stories of home. He'd grown up in Appalachia with these superstitions and legends all around him. So I guess he really created the world, I just put the pieces together. This is my dedication to him, which will appear in The Holler.

"This story is dedicated to my father, Jim. Born and raised in a little hamlet at the foothills of the Appalachians, he has an endless reservoir of memories of his life in southeastern Ohio. We moved away when I was young but, those woods are still home, nurtured by the heartsick memories of one of their native sons. For you, dad, for letting me tax your mind and coercing you to go over all those old maps. For letting me drag you back through the mud and hills to all those hidden places. They say you can’t go home again. We did, if only for a little while. No one ever really leaves the holler. It’s in the blood and those woods and their secrets will always be waiting for us, with open arms and stories to be told.

To the residents of Vinton County, Ohio, thank you for keeping those woods through the years and for being one of the last safe havens where magic and folklore run free.  No matter how far away we might get, we all know that if we just follow the river, we’ll find our way home.

Harper L. Jameson"

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Author Life Month - Days 19 & 20

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Day 19 - My critique partner.. The lovely and talented Madalyn Beck.

Day 20 - My favorite chapter ending. At least it is so far. From "The Holler" Coming October 2016.

Sig stopped, pinning Jess with a look that had her on the defensive again, slamming her heart in her chest and slicking her sex in a wash of needy heat. He picked up the cuffs where they'd landed at the toe of Tank's boot and dangled them from the end of a finger, right in front of Jess's wide eyes with a grin that melted right through any hope she had of remaining unaffected.

"I'll let her cuff me, though."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Author Life Month 1-17: So I'm Fashionably Late

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Day 1: My books: Thus far, beyond a tie-in short story, they are all WIP but, my first series is called The Tribe Novels, a paranormal romance series set in the Appalachian mountains and spanning two centuries. (At least)

Day 2: My Author Photo:

Day 3: My Last 5 Star Read: The Becoming Trilogy by Jess Raven and Paula Black:

Day 4: My WIP: Right now it's "The Spirit". Since I have the cover made... (Shhh don't tell anyone.)

Day 5: Comp Covers - I honestly have no idea what this means. Eep!

Day 6: Fan Art/Edit: None yet but, if someone wants to volunteer... :D

Day 7: Writing Music - There's a LOT of Skillet, Red, Hinder.. and a surprising amount of bluegrass and Native American flute/drums.

Day 8: Awesome moment: When someone read my short story and immediately demanded the date for the completed story. Shannon, if you're reading this, you made my day.

Day 9: Challenge overcome: Being afraid that people won't like my writing style. Then someone told me that I am merely a Tolkein writer in a haiku world and that there are still people that want excruciating detail to make their stories real.

Day 10: Non-Author Photo: 

Day 11: A fave review: For "The Blanket" - A battle between two forces, struggle for power over what will and what's meant to be. Moroc won't stop, "Let the game begin". This was, and is going to be an amazing read for people. I found it fascinating. Completely drawn in by the characters, and the bond Moroc felt for the woman. My first legend/mythical read, and I loved it.

Day 12: Killed darlings: I can't tell you. I'll get in trouble. But Cassie (the woman in The Blanket) is unfortunately just the beginning.

Day 13: A Fave book in Genre: See Day 3. :)

Day 14: Fave of my covers: Well.. they aren't out yet but, I may have to go with the cover for The Storm. The Tribe: Book 4

Day 15: Swag: Woohoo! Something I have! (At least a little)

Day 16: Where I write: My new library/office

Day 17: Where I relax: Mostly on the couch adjacent to my desk, in the library.