Monday, September 21, 2015

The World is Growing..

... faster than I can get it on paper. Oh, Constant Reader... I'm fighting for every word and I'm almost terrified to keep writing when everytime I do, it turns into another book. But, fear not, I refuse to get sucked into anymore back story for The Tribe. We're at  4 novels and 2 novellas and THAT'S IT. Unless another voice pops up after that. God help me.

The lineup as it stands:
The Wind- Kokumthena and Kesewagaase : I thought a few might like a novella telling how this whole mess got started.
The Spirit - Annie and Weshemoneto: Because you all want to know how the twins got here, right?
The Holler- Sig and Jess - The first of the novels set in modern times. *rubs hands* Let the games begin.
The River - Mat and Taylor. good god.
The Storm- Askewhateau and Emma. Admit it, you're curious about the Nenimkee, aren't you?
The Mountain: Tank and Wanzosig (No, that's not her real name. You want to know it, you'll have to read.)  Oh Tank. You poor bastard. You're in for it with this one.

I do plan on leaving this open in case I want to add to the world later but, for now, my plan is to have The Wind, The Spirit and The Holler completed within the next 6-8 months. Bear with me. This world is getting deep and requires a lot more research than you'd think.

Now.. back to work on The Wind. As Kokumthena would say "Yama ahuk tei wuski kelswa."

This is just the beginning.

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