Tuesday, January 13, 2015


..will suck the life right out of you. Admittedly, I moved during the holidays and am -in point of fact- still unpacking but, I have yet to even consider looking at my works in progress again yet. Until now. Now I find myself glancing toward my piles of notes and the freshly cracked new year in the hopes of making progress now that all the holiday hullabaloo (that's a great word, right?) has passed. I dont even have a desk but, I have workspace, my things unpacked and a head full of aggravating alpha males all impatiently waiting their turn to be brought to life. Shut up, guys. Next time, you help me pack and things will move faster. Now, all that said, let's see if I can get my tired old word factory kicked back to life, hmmm? It's high time I get back in the saddle.

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