Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm About to Rock ALL up on NaNoWriMo

Why, you ask? I'm so glad you want to know. I'll tell you. By my latest count, I have plot bunnies in my head for 6 books. 3 of them already begun and all of them but one the initial books in what I hope will evolve into series. None of which count my hope to gather stories from other writers for a horror short story anthology. Life has been too much lately and I hate that part, when the day to day interferes with the creativity but c'est la vie, right? I did manage to complete 5 book covers and a trailer for The Holler. (As a hopeful indie, I do all my own graphics and such. I simply can't afford to pay someone. Oh, well.) It was a learning experience but, I'm pleased with the results. As far as writing, I'm still chipping away at The Holler. A sentence here.. a paragraph there but, damn it, it's progress when I haven't been able to concentrate for playing Taxi mom. At any rate, I'm pouncing on the concept of NaNoWriMo and hoping it will be the kickstart I need to get these stories to the light of day before the voices in my head stage a mutiny. Happy writing, everyone.

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