Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cage Match

My characters are fighting over who I should work on now that exhaustion has given way to a sort of euphoric delirium in which I can create. Although I have committed to writing Sig's story for NaNoWriMo. Araxas and Anu are not pleased with this. I'm going to lock them all in mental room and throw oil on them. If nothing else, I'll be entertained.

Onto today's episode of  'Is this something I need to think about?' Street teams. Do they help? How do you find them? Why are there no words that rhyme with 'orange'. I almost typed 'orgy' instead. That could be fun, too, but, I digress and return to my original topic. Do you have a street team and does it gain you circulation for your novel? I ask because I see them everywhere on Facebook. I also see a whole lot of authors marketing to other authors and I really don't know if that does any good at all. Admittedly, I'm a one-click addict. I see your promotions and new releases. And yes, I've downloaded them. I'm here in the shadows reading your stuff. (insert maniacal cackle) So, I guess what I'm saying is the marketing works on me but, is it working for you? That is, before I suck more friends into the forced servitude of my own street team. You know, for when I get this damned thing written. It's like a ninja training program really, only with books.

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