Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Guess What?

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Come on, you know you were expecting it. This month is going to be a vicious grinder as I churn out words like McDonald's churns out burgers. Between writing two novels, planning two novellas and having a new character for a brand new series breathing down my neck, writing is feeling a little bit like a hostage situation. I'm embracing my Stockholm's Syndrome. In the meantime, I'm working on growing my readers' group and I'll only be giving ARCs out to members from here on out. After finding out that the Spirit has been illegally downloaded 9000 times, I want to be more selective when I give my books out. To be honest, I just with the 9000 people who downloaded would have just left a review. Remember friends, reviews are love.
My mojo is coming back, though, and my head is back into the Tribe world, helped in no small part by loyal readers who want to dive back into the holler with me. I welcome the company, and those hills are getting more mysterious than ever. Some may not realize it, but my fictional town is based on a very real place... a sprawling forest surrounding a tiny hamlet in an undeveloped part of Ohio. McArthur Ohio is my family seat, cradled against the hills by the Zaleski National Forest, it's land dotted with forgotten history and ancient burial mounds from a time that even the Tribe has difficulty remembering. Experienced guides are wary of those woods and even with the new trail that has opened leading to the remnants of the Moonville ghost town and it's haunted train tunnel, walking into the Zaleski forest is like walking into a primitive past. What can I say, my family goes back in those hills for a lot of generations and I'm proud to be from such wild lands. With the new trail came something unexpected... the ghosts of the Moonville Tunnel are being spotted again,
and there's even been a reported BigFoot sighting. Just when I thought Wright's Holler couldn't surprise me anymore, they thrown a new critter into the already dense myths. I have to say, with its proximity to Point Pleasant, I would have expected folks to see the Mothman before they ever found Bigfoot peeking into cabin windows out at Lake Hope. Still, there's just no place like home and I can't wait to get back and trek through those old woods again. I think you should come with me. If you do decide to make the trip, don't be afraid to look for the tunnel and the ghost's lantern light. And if the phantom brakeman pops out to say hello, tell him Harper sent you.
The Moonville Rail Trail     The Ghosts of Moonville

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Marching Right Along...

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See what I did there? Hah!

I'm finally getting my ducks in a row, friends, only they are not ducks and they are not in a row. They are plotlines in a notebook, but the specifics aren't important. What is important is that the Tribe stories are back underway, for those of you who have been waiting so patiently to get back into Wright's Holler. It feels so good to be home.

In the meantime, I'm so excited to tell you that I have the honor of acting as Vice President and Director of Visual Arts for Live Literately, a non-profit organization founded by David Michael. Live Literately is dedicated in it's mission to bring the love of the creative process to our local communities through volunteer outreach, offering mentoring, classes and community service programs. We just want everyone to love books and art the way we do. Our doors officially open on April 14th and Volunteer and Affiliate opportunities are available. Membership has its benefits so if you want to know more, just fill out this form.

And for no reason at all.. here's George, sleeping in my office:

Until we meet again, Dear Reader.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Year, New Stuff... (2 months late...)

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So much has happened in the last few months that I don't know where to begin. At the beginning, right? I lost my beloved dog, Booga, just before Thanksgiving and I'm still not recovered. He was a constant companion.. the man in my life when my husband was away and my partner in so many ways. It's amazing how ingrained someone can be in your life without your ever realizing it and now there's an empty place in my heart and by my desk that no other furry paws will ever fill.

His little fur-brother, George, tries, though, even taking his brother's place in my office while I work. My Booga might be gone, but it won't be for long. Even the spirits have a home in the world of The Tribe, and Booga will be there soon.
Until then, I have George to keep me in line. See? He's already yelling at me.
In the meantime, I am refreshing myself and my work, so you'll be seeing lots of changes in branding and in my newsletter. You'll also see more activity from me on my Facebook page, Tumblr and on Goodreads as I try some new things. I know. Change scares me, too.

On to writing world news!

I'll be putting out AT LEAST The River and The Mountain this year, in time for my appearance at Readers & Writers Tampa. In a perfect world, I'll also have a novella for you and we'll start really diving into the Tribe world.
You guys have all been so patient and I can't thank you enough for standing by me and not only do I promise more of the Tribe, but there's a brand new series headed your way in the future.

Bastian's story will be the first in my new world series... and that's all I'm telling you for now.

Be sure to check out my newsletter for all the stuff I forget to mention here!  Until next time, be good to yourselves and each other.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Savage Hearts - A Paranormal Romance Anthology for Charity

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Savage Hearts:
A Paranormal Romance Anthology

Release: 10/31/17

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Anthology, Collection, 
Publisher: Satin & Stone Publications, LLC.
Cover Artist: Dark City Designs
Dracula, Quasimodo, Dr. Jekyll…they are the monsters that stalk your nightmares. Haunting the pages of books for centuries, they are the embodiment of all that emerges from the shadows when you close your eyes. They are the deformed, the hated and the incomprehensible, fated to walk in the darkness alone forever.

Or are they?

From twelve amazing authors, come twelve new tales, stories that go beyond the blighted surface to see into the heart of the beast. They are stories of acceptance and redemption, love and passion… and chance encounters that forge the love of a lifetime.

Stop running. Stop hiding. See past the monster. Look into the face of fear and you might just find the soul of a man.



"Sanctuary" by Harper L. Jameson  Inside the hallowed bell tower of Our Lady, a monster was hidden by the righteous meant to protect him. Seeking help from the almighty against the furor of a crazed priest, Esmerelda found more than a monster inside the church...she found salvation.

"Bander Snatch" by David Michael Charlie has a secret - a centuries old secret - which has forced him into a life of solitude and lonliness. In order to rid himself of his curse, he has to give up the first piece of normal he's ever had. Will the Jabberwock win again?

"Beyond the Shallows" by Kristy Nicolle  When English beauty and avid poetry lover Ophelia is holidaying with her two sisters in 19th Century Blackpool, she finds herself unmistakably called to the water. Will she flee in horror at what lies beneath the waves, or can she learn to look beyond the shallows?

"He Calls" by Alice K. Wayne 
When the Master of the new world summons you, will you surrender your body to Cthulu's call, or choose to be fractured by madness?

"Yielding to Temptation" by Jess Raven Skyla had one job. Get in, get the prize, get out. The house had other ideas. When she finds herself trapped with too many secrets and a man who claims the impossible, can she stay strong enough to fight the darkness for a man who captivates her, or will she become prey to the Portrait of Dorian Gray?

"Holding the Devil" by Stephanie Farrant Hell isn't a game. A night of passion and a promise of her heart's desire seems too good to be true for Evelyn Church. The price is high and the road dark. But can she trust the devil? 

"Hyde and Seek" by Katie H. Weill Gabriel John Utterson is drowning in law school debt, so when a lucrative employment opportunity as a guard for a handful of mental health patients presents itself he accepts, and commits himself under the hands of Dr. Jekyll. But who is Ms. Hyde?

"Behemoth" by D.M. Earl Trying to find that rare woman to share his heart with, Francis N. Stein- Aka Stitch - struggles to live detached, battling his honorable and dark sides.  His ‘special powers’ further complicate his ability to exist in society, searching for something he has never thought possible- a kindred spirit.

"Night Music" by Desiree King On a fateful night, a young songstress finds herself in the wrong place at the worst time. A shadowy figure seems to fall from the darkness to save her, but who is actually the monster?

"Wickedly Ever After" by Stephanie Ingram 
Somewhere over the rainbow, good and evil struggle for power. But in a land of magical possibility, can the wicked get a happy ending?

"Immortal Devotion" by Lou Tenn The Father of Vampires has lived in solitude, believing that she didn't exist. After she finally made an appearance, her family business proves to complicate things.

"Loving the Hound" by Mila Waters When death comes, so does he. He's the hound, the messenger no one wishes to see. But when Emmaline 'sees' past the omens, he's given the chance at something he's never known before.

Monday, July 31, 2017

And the Prism Award Goes to...

July 31, 2017 1
"The Spirit" by Harper L. Jameson:
Best Erotic Paranormal Romance of 2017!

It was a long road, but on July 31st, the Romance Writers of America Fantasy, Futuristic and SciFi Chapter declared "The Spirit" the winner in their Erotic PNR category. I was online, watching/listening to the awards (though technical difficulties made it difficult) so the announcement and my instant response of excited vomiting was broadcast through the event. Not fun, but so worth it.
Hopefully, with the close of the summer and now being settled in the new house, I can use the momentum of this amazing win to get my creativity flowing again. It seems so long ago that I wrote "The Spirit" (it was) and "The Holler" (it was forever), but the writing bug is back in full force. Let's hope it lasts. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Supporting Friends - New Release: Malefica by Katie H. Weill

July 09, 2017 0
New Release: Malefica by Katie H. Weill

Malefica - Veneficus: Book One

Published: 7/8/17
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Cover Artist: Dark City Designs
Publisher: Satin & Stone Publications

Claudia Matthews turns 18 tomorrow – as long as she can make it through the first day of classes at Oakley High School. It’s more than her inherent strangeness that keeps her from fitting in. Her ill-tempered service dog, Luca, isn’t winning her friends and her class schedule is even less welcoming, dropping her into the government- mandated, “The History of Witches”.
They are real, she's been told. They are powerful, and evil – yet Claudia wants to know if that's actually a universal truth. Are all witches really that bad?

When a mysterious gift appears, dark secrets are cast into the light, and the world as she knows it may change forever. Now armed with questions, Claudia will need to figure out if it's truly worth finding the truth when textbooks don’t hold all the answers. Drawn into a world of hidden covens and regulated magic, she may learn more than she bargained for. Now Claudia has to fight the lure of power and a temptation much more passionate…or lose herself to both. The truth could set her free… or damn her forever.

She could turn the demon over, and she could find out about her father…
“Can I help you?” A skinny cop in uniform sat, bleary-eyed, and clutching a giant cup of coffee between his two hands as he shivered against the cold which drifted in through the briefly open door.
“I need to speak to,” she paused; who did she ask for?
Claudia reached up once again to brush her fingers over her eyes as if that would help clear the haze from her mind, and felt her brows furrow down as the name of the department her father worked for came to her.
“Someone in the Department of Occult Enforcement.” She lowered her hands as the officer slowly lowered his cup to the desk, his eyes widening.
“T-this is just a local P.D. miss,” he extended his hand, pressing a button firmly on the phone on the desk, picking up the receiver while never looking away from her. “But I’ll get you my superior,” he was already starting to mumble, and when he spoke into the phone, it was a blur of words her tired brain didn’t feel like deciphering.
“Thank you,” Claudia had considered turning to sit down in one of the chairs, but the slap of shoes on the linoleum brought her attention to a door off to the right that swung open, and she watched a large man in a suit and undone tie step forward. Instant recognition crossed his face, and his hand snapped towards his side arm.
‘Run,’ her mind whispered, but she couldn’t make herself head for the door.
Her feet felt rooted to the spot as if the ivy from outside had curled up around her ankles and held her in place; the perfect target for a full clip of bullets. “I’m Claudia Matthews,” tears clogged her throat suddenly as she watched him, voice thick, tired and desperate. “And I really need your help.” She managed and then her knees buckled in their exhaustion, sending her tumbling to the floor.


Katie H. Weill is the descendant of a witch - descendant of Ann Pudeator, a wealthy woman in her seventies who did nothing but care for others, and one of the last women accused and executed in Salem, Massachusetts. Katie was inspired by the hard fought findings of her Aunt to create a story that started with a sprinkle of history and unraveled a tale from there. With her husband and her rescued dog at her side she is enthralled by the idea of creating new stories and worlds and looks forward to sharing them with the world. Ann Pudeator was exonerated in 1957 by the Massachusetts General Court of all charges.

Connect with Katie and stay up to date on all the latest news, events and releases:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You Can't Win 'Em All

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Welp, I didn't win the whole kit'n kaboodle at Chanticleer Reviews, but I was still a semi-finalist amongst who knows how many entries and that's still pretty damned cool. My first book, which got almost no recognition in the world of paranormal romance struck a chord with someone and I will take that as motivation to push forward with my Tribe Novels. I'm damned proud of the world I created and I believe that if I work hard enough, some of you will grow to love it as I do.
That said, I'm embarking on the same mad mission that I did last year - to write two books at once. Along with that are the short stories for the two anthologies I'm contributing to (one of them under my own brand new, shiny publishing label, Satin & Stone Publications) and a first ever attempt at a serial for my newsletter subscribers. For those of you who read "The Holler" and its included excerpt of the sequel "The River" you might be wondering how your favorite judgmental horned owl is faring. So join the newsletter and you'll find out. And yes, he's still a judgmental shit.
So I'm writing Matchetehew's book "The River" as well as Tank's book, "The Mountain" with a hope of releasing both this year. I'm so excited for you to read Tank and to finally put a face to the bullheaded ass deputy with my first ever exclusive model on the cover, Nathan Hainline. It's amazing and I want to show you, but you're going to have to wait. I know... it's killing me, too.
My upcoming short stories are completely different, one a dark PNR re-write of a classic and the other a PNR rom com for a series I plan to start... one day. With all that said, I'd better get off of here and get to work. I'll see you all down at the river later. I'll bring the 'shine and you bring your company, and Maka be merciful, we'll all make it through another night in Wright's Holler.

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